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Authenticity, Hope, Purpose—it is from these three core concepts that the Aim High Pinay (AHP) was born, conceived by three life enthusiasts from the sunny Philippines

In our natural authentic state, women are nurturing. We support each other. We were made to create. Our dream is to have a community of women where we can celebrate our innate qualities and then bring our gifts out to the world. Our tribe will be diverse but bonded by our common goals – to aim higher and get to the next level of the life that we have today. Little by little, every step leads us to an elevated life.

We acknowledge that the meaning of an elevated life is not universal and may be different from person to person. Some may still wonder what this concept is, but we encourage you to be open to that invitation — to elevate!

Aim High Pinay is here to help our tribe members — Filipinas — to get clarity on our life vision and take action to get to that next level of our elevated life.

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Manila, Philippines