June 8, 2020

Our Bodies and Our Built-in GPS
Our Bodies and Our Built-In GPS: navigating our way to the life of our dreams

Waze has been one of the most used apps on my phone. As soon as I get in the car, I would open the app and then set my destination. 

I would religiously do this even at times when I already know the route by heart. I would still use Waze to manage my time for commute, thus affecting my activities for the day.  With over 100 million downloads in Play Store alone, I am guessing that the habit is not unique to me. 

There is just comfort and security in knowing; not just in making sure that you are still on the right track, but also in knowing if you are taking the fastest, shortest, and most efficient route. It is truly amazing how technology moves us forward this way.

Our bodies, in all its shapes and glory, also have a built-in GPS. And listening to our bodies opens the app and activates our built-in Waze. It is like receiving a gift of inner compass that tells us if we are in the right direction, and if what we are doing is possibly the most efficient way that leads us to where we want to be.

For example, try saying the words, “I am strong. I am enough.” How do these words make you feel? If it helps, try saying it again even in a whisper, and pay attention to the lightness or heaviness it brings. “I am strong. I am enough.”

Now, let us focus on the sensation when we say, “I am not worthy. This is all I will ever be.”  Do you notice the contrast in how these affect your body? Try saying it again and pay attention to which part of the body feels heavy. “I am not worthy. This is all I will ever be.”  

The difference in how these thoughts affect our bodies cannot be more striking than east and west. You see, when we tune in to our bodies, we become more receptive to our body wisdom telling us when the thoughts and beliefs that we carry are aligned with who we really are. 

When we are more aware of the lightness and heaviness in our bodies, we can choose the thoughts and beliefs that push us forward, or at least make us feel safe and happy, however humble, or grand happiness means for us.

I must get clearer and say that we should not abuse our GPS by basing only our decisions on what feels good right here and now. Ultimately, the test will be if our thoughts, beliefs, decisions, and actions lead us to the kind of person that we hope to be. We can regularly ask ourselves, “are my actions and habits leading me to the kind of life that I want?” In the GPS app, this is our destination. 

A remarkable feature was not forgotten here. Just like in Waze, when the signal seems low and we feel we are going off-track, we can always push a loving button to re-center. This means putting the most important thing in the center – you.

As we step into our tribe (our friends, families, and our budding Aim High Pinay community), I invite you to encourage each other, if not, let us encourage ourselves, to use more and more our inner compass. This is how all our other thoughts turn into beliefs – just by practice. 

With practice, we can make awareness our most natural state. As soon as we get in our daily commute and journey, let us open our built-in compass, and then, always set our destination.
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Marielle is a risk manager in one of the top 3 banks in the country. Her passion for life visioning, personal transformation and peak performance make her a valuable resource for Aim High Pinay members. She understands that all women have untapped potentials and given the right tools and environment, can propel ourselves to our extraordinary life. When she isn't crunching numbers, she enjoys devouring cakes guiltlessly, the smell of books, and singing karaoke. She first dreamed of being a travel show host, and she lives it out in her facebook albums. Follow her on:


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