Aim High Pinay Founders

Ayo Di is a broadcast journalist, motivational speaker, and a millennial entrepreneur. Her love for sharing stories of courage, inspiration, and success landed her a job in a media company, where she was nominated as best field reporter in 2018. In her teenage years, she devoted her time facilitating leadership and personal development trainings for various youth groups. As an entrepreneur and fitness enthusiast, she makes guiltless desserts and promotes healthier options for people. As her brand Corazon’s translates, it is preparing hearty and freshly baked goodies for everyone to enjoy. Also, ask her about the best milk tea places or anything about dogs, she’ll be crazy about it.

Lady Marielle Samson is a risk manager in one of the top 3 banks in the country. Her passion for life visioning, personal transformation and peak performance make her a valuable resource for Aim High Pinay members. She understands that all women have untapped potentials and given the right tools and environment, can propel ourselves to our extraordinary life. When she isn't crunching numbers, she enjoys devouring cakes guiltlessly, the smell of books, and singing karaoke. She first dreamed of being a travel show host, and she lives it out in her Facebook albums.

Erica Poyauan is a communications coordinator at a non-stock, non-profit organization. When she is not in the office, she manages a few web pages including The Girl with the Muji Hat. Coffee, rain & solo piano music are three things that let her conquer sporadic blog apathy. Aside from being a super mom, she is a professional MMA fan, a Muay Thai student, a bathroom singer, and a tree advocate.

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